We believe that audits and assessments should be as comprehensive as possible, and tailored to the specific campus or district in question.  Our Comprehensive Safety and Security Audits include:

  • Site Safety and Security Assessments
  • Customized Intruder and Unathorized Visitor Assessments
  • Community Risk Analysis
  • Staff and Community Climate Analysis and Interviews
  • Emergency and Crisis Management Program Review

By giving our clients the entire picture, they are better prepared to:

  • Make decisions on the best way to allocate time and resources
  • Justify budget requests and expenditures
  • Make policy or program changes
  • Rally community support behind district initiatives

When RS sets out to conduct a safety and security audit or site assessment, the first thing we clearly communicate is that we are there to help.  We believe that much more can be gained from honest analysis, free from the fear of "failure".  Every community, district, and campus has it's own unique characteristics and challenges, so no "standard" could ever be so universally-applicable that it would be appropriate for use in a "pass/fail" audit, despite how commonly this happens. 

We focus on helping build capacity, rather than tearing what you already have apart.  If you don't grow and improve, we haven't succeeded.

RS can assist your organization not only before crisis, but also following it. If a disaster does affect your organization, RS can help to:

  • Independantly assess response and recovery efforts and their impacts
  • Assess how pre-existing preparedness efforts impacted the response
  • Assist in developing short-term and long-term process improvements

By providing you with an independent post-event analysis, RS enables you to confidently address both real and percieved concerns that may be held by stakeholders, community members, and officials.