RS helps government agencies of all sizes by offering analysis and assessment services relating to emergency and crisis management.

We can help, whether you are:

  • considering establishing a new emergency management program
  • examining an existing program to determine its effectiveness 
  • trying to find ways to improve your programs or services 
  • looking to hire or expand your program or related services
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After any crisis or disaster, it is important to ask a few simple questions:

  • "What went right, and how can we make sure it goes right again next time?"
  • "What didn't go as we hoped, and how can we make meaningful improvement with what resources we have available to us?"

RS can help you look at your response and/or recovery activities and help you and your team improve before the next event.  Our consultants are respected emergency managers, many of whom are still practicing in the profession today as full-time Emergency Management Directors, Coordinators, or other Public Safety Officials.

You can trust that RS will provide in-depth, research-based analysis coupled with achievable recommendations that can help you improve your program and provide even better services to your stakeholders.